The platform is based on web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)MySQL database. The 3D visualization system lies on WebGL graphics API.  It provides personalized content to multiple users with differing requirements.

  • Touristic use

There are three categories of scenarios of use of the METEORA platform for a tourist: before, during and after visiting the site of interest.

The different user scenarios available to tourists via the platform are the following:

  • Virtual tour to the site of interest Search for information about the site of interest
  • Augmented reality
  • Scientific use

The following categories of scientists-users are distinguished:

  • Archaeologists/architects
  • Teachers

The following

  • additional data
  • additional specialized spatial and non-spatial
  • tourism/commerce zone
  • Request to the administrator for Tour guides

The following additional user scenario is available to business people:

The METEORA platform may be used by members of a local authority dealing with cultural heritage (e.g., museums). The following additional user scenarios are available to cultural experts:

  • additional data
  • adding cultural heritage data.